Backup Camera Harness - Fits Toyota (2014+ Model Year)




Add a backup camera to your car or truck! This harness connects a 12-volt Backup Camera to the stock Toyota/Subaru/Scion head unit. The stock head unit is wired with a 6-volt output. This harness uses a 6-volt relay and the 12-volt accessory power provided to the stock head unit to provide a 12-volt output and composite video input for any standard automobile backup camera.

The harness connects in the place of the 24-pin connector pictured here.

You will receive:
-1 Backup Camera Harness(Includes connections for 12-volt jumper harness, 24-pin head unit connection, Composite Video input, Relay, and 12-volt output lead)
-1 12-Volt splice harness(T-harness)
-1 Relay (6-volt input coil)
-1 Butt connector to connect 12-Volt output from harness to the backup camera

The harness is 100% plug and play. No splicing the stock wiring harness. Does not disturb stock appearance. The only exception is the Reverse Trigger Wire. Most vehicles have this wire pre-installed. If yours does not, the included pin slides into the stock connector, but the wire other end of the wire must be spliced to a reverse signal(such as the reverse light or the signal wire located in the driver's side kick panel). A splice connector will be included for completing this connection.


Price: $34

**Most 2014+ vehicles do not require the reverse trigger wire, however, the 2014-2015 Toyota Yaris does not have the reverse trigger wire. If you are unsure for your specific model, please check the list here or email us and we will be happy to check the wiring diagram for your specific model. If your vehicle does not have the reverse trigger wire already installed on the head unit, you will need an additional wire to properly install this harness.This wire splices into your existing harness. A splice connector will be included. For more information on the Reverse Trigger Wire and installation, see the information page HERE**

Price +$2


Reverse wire option
What model is your vehicle?


Installation video coming soon!!!

Installation instructions will be shipped with the harness. In addition, the basics of the installation are depicted here:

Camera Connection
(click to enlarge)


2014+ Toyota Avalon
2014+ Toyota Camry
2014+ Toyota Corolla
2014+ Toyota RAV4
2014+ Toyota Sequoia
2014+ Toyota Tacoma
2014+ Toyota Yaris
2014+ Toyota Venza
2014+ Toyota 4Runner

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