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Line Output Converters - Do I need One

Line Output Converters are used when adding an amp to your OEM vehicle. The speaker signals from the vehicle are a high amplitude signal that is not suitible for many aftermarket amplfiiers. Connecting speaker signals directly to the input of the amplifier can damage the equipment or cause distortion in the audio signal. This article will discuss when you do and do not need a Line Output Converter (LOC) and provide information on which units we recommend.


Our favorite Line Output Converter and Information on how to install it!

VSS bypass - Vehicle Speed Signal/Lockout bypass for Toyota vehicles

Many Toyota vehicles have a feature that will prevent user input(such as inputting a GPS address or changing settings) while the vehicle is in motion. This is a safety feature that prevent distracted driving but it prevents passengers in the car from changing settings and can be a nuisance if you use your in-dash navigation system while traveling.

This forum page provides a detailed write-up showing how to use the 28-pin jumper harness sold here to install this mod without cutting wires (In this case, he is installing it in a Toyota Highlander. We have also seen it used for the Toyota 4runner, Toyota Prius, Toyota Tundra, and Toyota Tacoma)



Installation of Backup Camera Harness - Reverse Trigger Wire


Most vehicles have this wire installed from the factory. This tutorial tells you how to determine if your vehicle has the wire installed and how to install it if needed. The backup camera harness is listed HERE.



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