7" Starlink Headunit installation Harness for 2016+ Subaru vehicles with OEM 6.2" Starlink headunit

Item Number: 1049

This is a AutoHarnessHouse custom breakout harness that we have built for many members of NASIOC forums who have requested it. The purpose of this page is to provide a purchase link and any other relevant information.

2016 Jumper Harness

Lead Time:

Normal assembly: 1 week


This harness is a custom harness built to retain backup camera functionality for customers updating their vehicle from a 6.2" Starlink headunit to a 7" Starlink headunit. The backup camera connectors for these headunits are different so this breakout harness is necessary to retain the functionality of the backup camera.

Note: As many of you are aware, The other issue with this install is the USB port. The cable and the connectors on the starlink units are the same but there is an electrical difference between the dual USB port, used for the 7" headunits and the single port, used on vehicles with the 6.2" headunit.

There are 2 options that can be used to fix this:

-One option is to buy the OEM Subaru USB port and instail it in place of the original USB port. The dual port is powered, so it is probable that power will need to be connected to the port.(I have not been able to confirm this, so please let me know if you have more information)

-The second option is to use a USB splitter to connect a power source to the port (You will have 1 USB connector plugged into the OEM USB port and a second connected to a USB power source, such as a Cigarette lighter-to-USB adapter). This will provide the necessary power to the port and is much cheaper than buying the Subaru part.


Price: $40

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