i88 harness adapter for Subaru Outback and Legacy

Item Number: AHH-JDM

Subaru XM radio adapter Subaru Sirius Shark Fin adapter


This adapter is used in combination with the JDM AV Panel to retain HVAC control when installing an aftermarket Double DIN headunit in a Subaru Legacy or Outback. The JDM panel requires the following additional signals that are not connected in the OEM harness:

  • Illumination (-)
  • Illumination (+)
  • +12V Switched

This adapter is a plug-and-play solution to add these signals to the connector on yoru vehicle's wiring without cutting factory wire. The parts you'll need are the i88 adapter, which connects to the back of the JDM AC Panel and the vehicles i88 connector, and the 14-pin Subaru Install harness with the added Illumination (-) pin. This additional pin (also referred to as the 'Dimmer' signal) isn't installed in the this adapter if you purchase if from most online retailers.


i88 Adapter - 8-pin JDM jumper harness

Subaru XM radio adapter

Price: $50


Subaru Install adapter - 14-pin connector with added Illumination (-) pin

Subaru Sirius Shark Fin adapter

Price: $19