Amplifier installation kit for Honda audio

Item Number: AHH-1777

Custom Honda car audio installation adapter Amplifier installation for Honda audio How to install a subwoofer in a Honda


This Jumper Harness has the Honda 24-pin female connector on one end and 24-pin male connector on the other. One end will connect to the factory wiring harness and the other to the connector on the back of the head-unit or navigation system. This prevents the need to cut or damage factory wiring when adding an aftermarket amplifier, installing a subwoofer, or doing other aftermarket modifications.

Breakout wires are wired in for:
-Switched (Ignition) +12 volts
***Additional breakouts can be soldered in for a fee***

This harness will allow you to modify or splice into many of the signals that connect to your vehicle:
-Front and Rear speaker signals
-Remote(Steering Wheel) audio control switches

All 24 pins are populated.


Honda car audio upgrade options wiring diagram


Price: $36


This harness connects between the stock head unit and the car's wiring harness. This harness should be connected between the head unit and wiring harness and used to tap the connections into the headunit without splicing or cutting the factory wiring harness.


(This is NOT a complete list. Please help us update it. If a known model is not listed, let us know)

RL 2009 to 2012
TL 2009 to 2014
TLX 2015 to 2019
TSX 2009 to 2015
ZDX 2010 to 2013

ACCORD 2008 to 2012 Dark Gray Dash
ACCORD 2008 to 2012 Tan Dash
ACCORD 2008 to 2012 With Factory Navigation
ACCORD 2013 to 2017
ACCORD CROSSTOUR 2010 to 2015 Dark Gray Dash, with DUAL climate
ACCORD CROSSTOUR 2010 to 2015 Tan Dash
ACCORD CROSSTOUR 2010 to 2015 With Factory NAV
CIVIC 2012 to 2012 With Dark Gray Satin Dash
CIVIC 2012 to 2015 With Factory Navigation
CIVIC 2013 to 2015 Non Navigaton
CIVIC 2016 to 2019 EX/EX-T/EX-L/Touring
CIVIC 2016 to 2019 LX
CRV Non Navigation 2012 to 2016
CRV with Navigation 2010 to 2016
CRZ 2011 to 2013
FIT 2009 to 2019
INSIGHT 2010 to 2014
ODYSSEY 2008 to 2010 Non Navigation
ODYSSEY 2011 to 2013
ODYSSEY 2014 to 2017 EX, EX-L, Touring
ODYSSEY 2014 to 2017 LX
PILOT 2009 to 2015
RIDGELINE 2009 to 2019

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