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2020 Subaru Ascent Headunit Install

All of the following adapters will be needed for installing an aftermarket headunit in your Subaru Ascent. This will include the 28-pin adapter, AM/FM adapter, and either the Metra 70-1761 or, if you're installing a Pioneer headunit, Pioneer direct wire harness.

These parts will not retain the OEM bluetooth microphone and you'll need an additional adapter to retain the XM radio antenna if your car has it. The XM radio adapter is sold here.

Our USB harness will only work if you've got the single port USB port. Since the Subaru Ascent has 2 USB ports, we will need to make other arrangements. (Run a USB extension from the back headunit to the glove box for the USB or buy the single port module from Subaru) The Maestro SW module is recommented for retaining the steering wheel controls.

28-pin adapter:

Item Number: 1601-8




The 28-pin adapter will allow you to Install a new headunit and maintain backup camera functionality.

Harman Kardon Note: If your Subaru Ascent has the Harman Kardon audio package, installation of an aftermarket headunit will require additional hardware to replace/bypass the factory Harman Kardon amplifier. Please contact us for details.

This wiring harness maintains many of the features of your stock unit, including connecting your stock backup camera to your new aftermarket headunit. It will connect to both the 28-pin and the 5-pin connectors in your vehicle wiring.

This interface will provide 6 vdc to your backup camera for power and will also provide the video signal to the aftermarket headunit. (The OEM bakcup camera is powered by 6v)

The harness connects in the place of the 28-pin and 5-pin connectors. It will provide connection to the following signals:
-Backup camera functionality (connected to the new unit via RCA connector)
-Auxiliary inputs(connected to the new unit via RCA connector. ***Analog audio input only***)
-Steering wheel controls. The Maestro SW interface module is required to maintain steering wheel controls but we've connected the Maestro Connector for you! Just plug it in!
-Reverse gear signal (provided as a wire to be connected to the new unit).
-Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) signal.

The harness is mostly plug and play. No splicing the stock wiring harness. Does not disturb stock appearance. If you are connecting to a Pioneer Headunit, Order the AHH-70-1761 instead of the Metra 70-1761 (both are sold below). This makes the install very simple. All that you'll need to do is connect the connector between the 28-pin adapter and the AHH-70-1761! No Soldering!

28-pin harness: $47

Power and Audio Wiring:

Metra 70-1761

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Price: $6

Please select EITHER Option 1 or Option 2. You do not need both

Option 1 (Standard): Metra 70-1761
Metra 70-1761
The Metra 70-1761 harness will retain:
-Speaker connections
-Power/Ground connections
-Illumination Power

Metra 70-1761: $6

Option 2 (Upgrade): Direct wire harness for Pioneer Headunits
Pioneer Direct Wire harness AHH-70-1761

The AHH-70-1761 harness is the simplest way to install a Pioneer headunit in your vehicle. It is pre-wired with the Pioneer connector on 1 end and the Subaru connector on the other. This will save you lots of soldering! (Full details located HERE)

Direct wire harness: $17

AM/FM adapter harness:

(No picture)

The AM/FM antenna adapter will retain the AM/FM radio antenna.

Price: $19


2019-2020 Subaru Ascent (Non Harman Kardon)

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